Weed, Disease, and Insect Guide Updated for 2019

Nebraska and US maps showing locations of buyers of the Guide for Weed, Disease and Insect Management.
Figure 1. People buying the Nebraska Extension Guide for Weed, Disease, and Insect Management are located throughout Nebraska and the US.

Weed, Disease, and Insect Guide Updated for 2019

The newly revised and expanded Guide for Weed, Disease, and Insect Management in Nebraska (EC 130) is now available from Nebraska Extension.

Cover of the 2019 Guide for Weed, Disease, and Insect Management in Nebraska

The 346-page comprehensive pest management and pesticide safety guide is written by Nebraska Extension pest management specialists and researchers. It includes new herbicides for field crops and updated herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide efficacy tables for 2019. It also includes updated information on how to control resistant weeds, especially Palmer amaranth, for all crops across the state, said Stevan Knezevic, extension weed specialist and senior editor of the guide.

Other updates cover:

  • new herbicide data for rangeland, pasture and noxious weeds;
  • tables on droplet size classification and types of nozzle needed for RUP dicamba applications;
  • fungicides for disease control; and
  • insecticides for insect control.

Due to space constraints with the printed document, additional product information was posted online in CropWatch for two crops, corn and potatoes. The “Corn: Foliar Fungicide and Bactericide Product Information Expanded List” contains additional products, usually generics, not included in the condensed table in EC130, said Tamra Jackson-Ziems, section editor and Nebraska Extension plant pathologist. "These products are expected to perform similarly to their counterparts with the same active ingredients, concentrations and formulations, for disease management."

An expanded product table for disease management in potatoes, developed by Extension Educator Amy Timmerman, is posted online in the Disease Management section of the Potato Education Guide in CropWatch.

Order Your Copy

The 2019 guide can be ordered online from the University of Nebraska at https://marketplace.unl.edu/extension/ec130.html. Cost is $15 for either the printed or downloadable guide.

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