Stakeholders’ Help Needed to Identify Nebraska Weed Issues

Stakeholders’ Help Needed to Identify Nebraska Weed Issues

As part of a master’s project, I and UNL weed scientists are collecting stakeholder information on weed management practices and problems across Nebraska. The goal for this project is to identify the current state of cropping systems and the weed issues growers face to provide direction for future UNL research.

Nebraska Agronomist, CCA, and Farmer Input Needed

For this project we are asking Nebraska stakeholders to provide agronomic information specific to farms/fields they manage. With this data, we can conduct an analysis of weed issues across all the different cropping systems in Nebraska. Along with stakeholder survey data from previous years, data collected from this survey will provide great insight into changes in weed and systems dynamics that have occurred over time.

We have put together a three-page survey on systems information and weed issues that we would like you to fill out. Specifically, we are requesting information related to the 2019 growing season in terms of crops raised, tillage practices, herbicide usage, and weed issues. All cropping systems and management styles are acceptable.

You may have already filled out a copy of this survey at one our UNL Weed Science field days. If not, an online copy is now available at (full page version) and in the box on this page. There’s no need to send in a completed form, just follow the link and complete and submit the form online.

We look forward to receiving your submission. All data that is submitted will be kept strictly confidential. In this project, our objective is to work for you, our Nebraska producers. It’s our goal that with the data collected from these surveys, we can provide better information and research on the weed issues facing growers.

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