Foreword to the 2018 Nebraska Crop Production Clinic Proceedings

Foreword to the 2018 Nebraska Crop Production Clinic Proceedings January 16, 2018

Nebraska Extension is pleased to present the 10th Annual Crop Production Clinics to
bring unbiased, research-based information to aid growers and agribusiness in the use of new technologies and to help improve the profitability and safety of their operations. 

The Crop Production Clinics are the successor to the Crop Protection Clinics (1974 to 2008). In 2009, content was expanded to include Soil Fertility, Irrigation, and Cropping Systems. The Clinics continue to include topics related to Pesticide Safety, Agribusiness Management, Marketing, and Insect, Plant Disease, and Weed Management.

The 2018 Proceedings contain articles summarizing information presented at the clinics. The Clinics are the primary recertification venue for Commercial Pesticide Applicators. Private Pesticide Applicators also may also recertify by attending the Clinics.

We want this program to meet the information needs of Nebraska farmers and agribusiness. Please share with us how we can make the Clinics and Proceedings more valuable for you, and how what you have learned at the Clinics has benefited your operation. If you have questions about what you have read, please contact the author. 

2018 Clinics