Why Conduct On-Farm Research?

Why Conduct On-Farm Research?


Nebraska Extension has a long history in on-farm research. In 1989, twenty Saunders County producers came together through Nebraska Extension to form the Nebraska Soybean and Feed Grains Profitability Project. This group began doing randomized, replicated research to answer questions that impacted the profitability of their farming operation. Due to the original group's success, the idea spread to surrounding counties and in 1998 the Quad Counties research group was formed in Clay, Fillmore, Hamilton, and York Counties in south central Nebraska. Extension Educators and Specialists worked with 20 farmers to produce reliable, unbiased research. The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network builds upon the success of these two organizations, expanding on-farm research to a state-wide effort in 2012.

The On-Farm Research Network has consistently demonstrated tremendous value for Nebraska farmers. See what producers have to say:

NSFGPP - Producers Voice Approval

Nebraska Soybean and Feed Grains Profitability Project Shows Financial Impact

Quad Counties Farm Research Impact

Over 85% of Crop Production Clinic and Pesticide Applicator training attendees planned to implement farming practices validated by on-farm research.

80% implemented one or more on-farm research proven practices in their operations. 59% of those who implemented a practice observed a 1-6 bu/acre yield increase with average value increase of $11-15/acre.